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Fresh In Store Ground Beef

Thumbnail Image 1 All of our beef is ground fresh in-store from our own trimmings and full muscle. We never include any additives and all our patties are made right here in your store. By abiding by this strict quality standards, we've never been subject to a recall and are consistently able to provide you all with the freshest beef around!


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Cured to perfection using our own Maple Brine and a blend of Hardwood and authentic Hickory Chips, the flavors are a real treat. One taste of our authentic smoked meats and you’ll want to try every one of them!

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Customers know without a doubt that McQuade’s Meats are of the highest quality.

Top Quality Meets

From Certified Angus Beef™ and all Natural Chicken & Beef to Hams that deliver more meat than water, McQuade’s can’t be beat. We go the extra mile to ensure freshness. We grind our own meat fresh daily and make a variety of specialty patties for grilling. We produce our own Smokehouse meats & store-made Italian Pork & Chicken Sausages. McQuade’s delivers fresh, top quality meats at competitive prices seven days a week.”

McQuade’s full service meat department offers you a large variety of the freshest meat available. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two or a full scale event, McQuade’s meat department is sure to satisfy.

We carry only Certified Angus Beef™, USDA Choice or Higher beef. All of our ground beef is ground fresh daily in our stores. We carry a complete line of our own store made sausages: Italian, chicken (a healthy alternative), turkey and smoked sausage. We also carry two varieties of all natural meats and poultry which do not contain any antibiotics or steroids (growth hormones).

Our meat department is dedicated to bringing you the best meats in town. We provide a full service, old-fashioned meat department. Our meat departments are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable employees eager to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We take pride in custom cutting and trimming all our meats to your specifications. Our butchers are happy to provide helpful cooking instructions and preparation tips. We also prepare many store made specialty items, this means you can get exactly what you need, the way you want it. Taste the difference at McQuade’s!

Visit our meat department in all three of our store locations: Mystic CT, Westerly RI and Jamestown RI for the finest custom cut meats and freshest seafood available.


Fresh Ground Hamberger

Offerings From Our Meat Departments

All Beef is available in USDA Choice or Higher, Certified Angus Beef™ and select cuts in the Meyers All Natural Angus Beef.

Beef Rib USDA Choice or HigherSemi-Boneless Rib Roast
By far the most popular and traditional roast. Serving size is approximately 1 rib serves two to three adults. Example a five rib roast will serve 10-15 adults.

Beef Rib USDA Choice or Higher Boneless Rib Roast
The boneless version of this holiday staple. Just as delicious less the tasty bones. Rule of thumb is 8-12 ounces per adult. Example : for ten adults you would order a 5-7.5 lb roast.

Beef Loin USDA Choice or Higher Beef Tenderloin
A close second for the most popular Holiday roast this is the most tender and delicately flavored roast. The average weight is 6– 7lbs and we will gladly trim , tie and grind the trimmings at no extra charge. Be sure to get our fool proof cooking instructions to ensure a perfect roast every time.

Beef Top Sirloin USDA Choice or Higher Boneless Top Sirloin (Christmas) Roast
Also known as a spoon roast, this roast is tender and flavorful. You will need 8-12 ounces per person for a Holiday feast.

Pork Loin USDA Inspected Crown Roast of Pork
A roast fit for a King, cooked stuffed or un-stuffed will make for a memorable Holiday Feast. You will need 1.5 chops per person with a 12 chop minimum for this Holiday Treat.

Lamb Rib USDA Choice or Higher Crown Roast of Lamb
Our USDA Choice Lamb is delicately mild yet flavorful and tender. You will need 2 chops per person for your main dish with a minimum of 16 chops for this classic Holiday Roast.

Lamb Leg USDA Choice or Higher Whole, Sirloin or Shank Half Lamb Legs
A Whole leg is 9-11 lbs on average. Figure on 8-12 ounces per person. You may have your lamb boned and rolled or butterflied at no additional charge.

Plainville All Natural fresh Turkeys
Fresh free roaming No antibiotics No steroids, All Natural Minimally processed 10-26 lbs. You will need 1.5 lbs per person for the main course. From Plainville New York.

Farm Fresh Grade “A” Turkey
Farm fresh, no additives , large breasted you will need 1.5 lbs per person for the Holiday Meal, from the Carolinas.

Geese, Ducks, Game Birds and Game Meats also available.

Some items are special order and may only be available frozen inquire early and plan accordingly.